Today, I decided to use this great donation WordPress plugin for our non-profit website ( We are doing a fundraising to attend the Pittsburgh’s Bicentennial Anniversary Parade and since I’m maintaining the website I decided to quickly look into the existing WordPress plugins that I could find for donations and create a webpage for our fundraising.   I Read More →

I’m finally back to writing my experiences. I was extremely busy for a while and wasn’t paying much attention to my blog. Turned out the emailing module also had a problem that wasn’t sending me any emails and I missed some comments. I’m excited for your comments and feedbacks while sorry for the delay in answers.


  Well this may be a little late to post 😀 but at the first class I asked my students to fill a survey mainly asking about their expectations for a good TA. In the last question I said they can ask me any question that they want and it was an anonymous survey. Here I’m sharing them with Read More →

As a very short introduction for those who are not familiar with Django, its a powerful Python web application framework. It provides a well defined MVC structure for web applications in Python and support many things that you need. From Djnago’s website: Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic Read More →

Shellshock is a security vulnerability found is UNIX based systems including all Linux distributions, Mac OS and etc. If you are not familiar with Bash, bash is the default command line shell for UNIX based systems. Using this newly found exploit hackers can take control of a system and execute bash commands on a server Read More →