Passing 2D arrays to Java from Python using javabridge

There are many libraries for calling java code from python and there are many articles that try to provide a preview on their syntax. I’ve worked with JPype and Javabridge which seems to be two of the more famous ones. While JPype is by far more use friendly that javabridge I have personally had problems with it when trying to add some jar files to the class path. Especially if the jar file is packaged by maven or the project’s structure

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PIP Install can’t find numpy header

So if you experienced this awkward situation that you are trying to install a python package that is dependent on numpy but you receive an error from clang complaining about not being to find numpy header files this might be your quick solution. This kind of problems happen far too often on Mac than you’d be comfortable with. I mean as a nerd I expect some challenge but common this kind is more a waste of time. Basically I was seeing this error while trying

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Feeling excited about django-affiliations

Well, a while ago I wrote an application for Django web framework application. Today I’m visiting the repository and I see it has been able to gain a lot of attention up to 64 downloads only in the last month and 5 just yesterday. Makes me excited to contribute more to the open source community. So open source community bring it on :D. here are the specs as of today:   Downloads (All Versions): 5 downloads in the last day 20

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My Smart Home Project

Yeap, I finally traveled back to Iran and yes it was fun. But, I was programming almost a third of my time. Yes, it may sound funny but I started a new hubby project. Everything started as I noticed that my mom and dad (one of the most passionate movie lovers I’ve ever known ) hadn’t seen a single movie at home since I had left Iran. Its even more shocking to know that they had lost all their family pictures as our housed was robbed a

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Customizing Sublime for JS

like many other programmers, I have been using Sublime Text for while for programming in many languages. Especially, when I’m doing web applications. Its fast, simple and fast again. However, sometimes its wonderful simplicity becomes a weakness. There is nothing to use there. You may have to compile and run you JS program (for example) too many times and makes it cumbersome enough to rethink your use of text editor. However, in this post I will be introducing plugins and tricks to make Sublime more like an IDE for JS

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Openstack Havana

Cloud Computing is a new business model that abstracts underlying resources to share them among multiple disjoint customers. Over the past few years, cloud computing has transitioned from supporting web-based applications to a highly programmable infrastructure. Depending on the abstraction layer, the resources can be hardware, programming tools or software. Cloud computing is built on four pillars: on-demand self-service, broad network access and resource pooling, rapid elasticity, and measured service. There are plenty of articles and blog posts outside talking

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The first post

The first post seems to pretty hard to do since I didn’t exactly how to start. But, I just came with the idea to start with what we always start a new thing with Hello World

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