What my students wanted to know about me

  Well this may be a little late to post ­čśÇ but at the first class I asked┬ámy students to fill a survey mainly┬áasking about their expectations for a good TA. In┬áthe last question I┬ásaid they can ask me any question that they want and it was an anonymous survey. Here I’m sharing them with you. Answers may/are a little different from what I gave in the class but I tried to be close.   How long have you been

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Where is Iran

Oh, well. let me see. You might think that Iran is the end of the world. So, another way to say that, you might think if earth was flat and you had 80 days to fly over it. There is a country at the end of it which doesn’t get enough of the suns light. No I don’t want to talk to much, just take a look at A Glance at Iran. A Facebook page that I started earlier which

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