The first post

The first post seems to pretty hard to do since I didn’t exactly how to start. But, I just came with the idea to start with what we always start a new thing with Hello World

Java Integer needs 128 bits

Recently, I found a Youtube video posted by Oracle Learning which discussed efficiency of Java heap memory. I found it significantly useful and really encourage you guys to take a look at the video. But, in order to give you guys an insight about what you will be expecting to find in this video read this post. Well, if you’re a Java programmer you have probably ran into memory problems so many times. Usually much before the time you expected.

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Where is Iran

Oh, well. let me see. You might think that Iran is the end of the world. So, another way to say that, you might think if earth was flat and you had 80 days to fly over it. There is a country at the end of it which doesn’t get enough of the suns light. No I don’t want to talk to much, just take a look at A Glance at Iran. A Facebook page that I started earlier which

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